The Atlantic Cup returns in 2015

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05 Dec 2014

Written by: Brian

Sporting Events are delighted to announce the return of The Atlantic Cup 2015.

After four very successful years, the coveted pre-season trophy returns to the Algarve, Portugal with a host of exciting teams set to go head-to-head.

FC København, Brøndby IF, FC Midtjylland, IFK Göteborg, Örebro SK, FK Jablonec, FK Mladá Boleslav and Dynamo Moscow will all battle to bring the trophy home.

The tournament will consist of two groups of four, each team playing two matches before going on to face a final opponent in a play-off match.

We look forward to welcoming all eight clubs to Portugal, and we wish them the best of luck for The Atlantic Cup 2015.

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