A real physical test for us

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07 Feb 2016

Written by: Ashley

André Villas-Boas interviewed by Dag Solheim


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07 Feb 2018

Andreas Johansson, IFK Norrköping after match against Shamrock Rovers.
-Second Half was to slow tempo in the game, but I think we are a better team, so we should have win after 90 minutes. Says Andreas Johansson (4) from Norrköping FC about winning on penalty in their last game her in THe Atlantic Cup 2018. Ending on third place in this year tournament. <More>

07 Feb 2018

Muamer Tankovic, Hammarby IF
Scoring two goals in the last match of The Atlantic Cup, Muamer Tankovic (22) leaves Algarve, Portugal. Hammarby IF played their last match in The Atlantic Cup 2018, against a guest team Stade Nyonnais FC, who filled in the spot for Rijeka HNK <More>

07 Feb 2018

Sean Boyd, Shamrock Rovers FC after match against Swedish Norrköping IFK
- We get on with it, and ready to start the season. Says Sean Boyd (7) after losing on penalty against Swdish Norrköping IFK in their last match of The Atlantic Cup 2018. <More>

06 Feb 2018

Alexander Jovanovic, Goalkeeper AGF Aarhus deserves the trophy
-I´m happy! My team took this trophy! Says a relieved Alexander Jovanovic (26).AGF Aarhus took home the trophy last night, due to Alexander Jovanovic determination as a goalkeeper. <More>

06 Feb 2018

David Nielsen, Coach AGF Aarhus after winning the final against Jablonec FK
A happy David Nielsen, coach AGF Aarhus promise his goalkeeper cake, after his goos preformance in the final of The Atlantic Cup 2018. AGF Aarhus is faithful Atlantic Cup team, but the change of their coach made this Atlantic Cup special, as they takes home the trophy, after a exciting penaltyshootout with Jablonec FK. <More>

06 Feb 2018

Oliver Berg and Ammar Ahmed, Dalkurd FF
Ammar Ahmed (8) kept his promise and Dalkurd FF did do a goal before ten minutes of the first half playing against Beijing Guoan FC in The Atlantic Cup 2018. Only thing he didnt do the goal, his teammate Oliver Berg (14) did that, but Ammar Ahmed never said he be the one doing the goal. Dalkurd FF beat Beijing Guoan FC 3-1. <More>

06 Feb 2018

Sweet victory for Azrudin Valentic, coach Dalkurd FF after match against Beijing Guoan
Azrudin Valentic, coach Dalkurd FF, did not take home the trophy this year, but seemed very glad to get some of his favourite chocolate instead, and thought his boys did a great job at the pitch winning 3-1 over Beijing Guoan FC in The Atlantic Cup 2018. <More>

05 Feb 2018

Dalkurd battle- Players Heradi Rashidi & Christian Miljevic
Not hard to wake up the competition mood in the two guys from Dalkurd FF, who seem to live by the motto "working hard. Playing harder". They did a battle after their training in Algarve, Portugal during The Atlantic Cup 2018. From the left; Heradi Rashidi (24) and Christian Miljevic (22). <More>

04 Feb 2018

-A win is a win. Says Dan Carr, Shamrock Rovers FC
-They defended well, we defended well. We got a couple of chances where we should have scored, but at the end of the day, a win is a win. Says Shamrock Rovers player Dan Carr (9) about the win on penalty against Swedish Hammarby IF in The Atlantic Cup 2018. <More>

04 Feb 2018

Benny Lekstrom, goalkeeper Hammarby IF
- They came too much on our goal today. We didn´t have the good offensive as we thought we had. Says a tired Benny Lekstrom after a busy day at work, here in Algarve, Portugal. <More>