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05 Feb 2018

Written by: Eivor

Dalkurd battle- Players Heradi Rashidi & Christian Miljevic

Not hard to wake up the competition mood in the two guys from Dalkurd FF, who seem to live by the motto "working hard. Playing harder". They did a battle after their training in Algarve, Portugal during The Atlantic Cup 2018. From the left; Heradi Rashidi (24) and Christian Miljevic (22). <More>

31 Jan 2018

Written by: Eivor

Heradi Rashidi, Dalkurd FF

-We are here to play football, and then sometimes things happen, that we can not control. But we are here to play football, and nothing else. Says Heradi Rashidi (24) from Dalkurd FF after the loss against Shamrock Rovers, the teams with the most noisy fans on the tribune in this years Atlantic Cup. <More>